"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

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About Fran


I am an experienced Health Transformational Coach, Drug-less Practitioner Reflexologist, Reiki Master & Dowser. I am pleased to offer healing services that will revamp your health and rid the symptoms  that are keeping you from living your best life through nutrition, lifestyle management and alternative therapies.


Transformational Wellness Program

There are thousands of diets on the market today, the majority of them are generalized, not taking into consideration food sensitivities and allergies that are on the rise.  That is why I create personalized programs!  I combine my educational background with holistic philosophies with the science of nutrition, based on individuals needs.


My wellness program will give you the jump start you need to help you achieve a healthy body, glowing skin, weight loss and endless energy!  You will learn to differentiate between foods that create inflammation and weight gain and zap your energy vs. those that agree with the body and heal.  You will also learn about drug free ways to alleviate common ailments and simple solutions to deal with every day stressors.  I teach you how to address symptoms when they arise, without the unnecessary doctors visits and unwanted side effects of medications. This is not a temporary fix- your ailments will start to diminish, and you will feel better than you have in years!


No more confusion, deprivation or emotional roller coaster rides. You will gain the confidence you need for an overall sense of well-being.


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Healing Services:
- Reflexology with detox foot bath
- Reiki Session
- Sauna
- Health & Nutrition Coaching
(In person, phone or skype)
-Customized Meal & Lifestyle Plan
- Store Tour
- Pantry Raid
- Home Dowsing
- Essential Oils
Customize your own package 
Quick Fix: Any services above
Jump Start: 1 month
In the Zone: 3 month
Wellness Warrior: 6 month
*Individual Services also available